Review : Elianto Stay On Liquid Eyeliner come back with another review..^^

As we know, about a months ago Ms Carnellin Yulianti with her blog WhileYouOnEarth has "Carnellin 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway". One of the sponsor is Elianto Indonesia, and lucky me I'm one of the winner who get a IDR 100.000,- voucher from Elianto Indonesia

I'm really excited about the voucher. As far as I know, I never use any product of Elianto's except the brushes. The brushes are good enough comparing with the price (because the prices is cheap - especially when there's a 50% discount ^^) But quietly, I always look at the shadows too..:D 

Since the voucher is coming and there's a surprise gift from Carnellin for someone who take a pic or review or anything with the prizes, so I'm moving fast to the Mall of Indonesia Elianto's Counter at Saturday to buy some products.

My choices are always eyeliner. Its always happen anytime. So, with no doubt, I'm choosing Elianto Stay On Liquid Eyeliner. This choice is a lil bit influenced by the Elianto's Beauty Advisor, but I believe that she's speaking honestly about her testimoni. 

So, this is the pic I've taken about my new eyeliner!

Elianto Stay On Liquid Eyeliner
It has a sharp applicator and the diameter is quite big
two swatches I've made 
The packaging is standard, just like an ordinary eyeliner. Packaging color is black, and the applicator is sharp (taped) and the diameter is quite big. The bigger diameter is affecting the swatch I've made, because I can't make a black-fine-long line. Then the color of the swatch isn't really really black. I need to swatches it twice or more to get the desirable result.

Then, after swatches it and waiting for about a minutes, I rub the swatches with my finger. Its need a lil effort to make a result like a pic above. But beside that, the liner is standing still.

In my first impression, I  just feel a lil bit disappointing with the result (especially about the not-black-fine line). 
BUT WAIT.... I'm still curious - its because the beauty advisor said that she wear the eyeliner all day long without any retouch and still need an eye remover to remove the liner. 

Then the day after, I'm trying to use the eyeliner for a day long (not really full whole day, but about 7 hours).

See the picture and you'll be amazed!

This is the POTD I've taken before I go. I'm already using the eyeliner (and as you can see, it's black enough - I swatch it about 3 times)
Left Picture : I've taken right before I go
Right Picture : I've taken about 7 hours later
See what I mean "you'll be amazed"?
I'm using the eyeliner about 7 hours, and there's nothing change, even a smudge!! Its stay just like the first time I'm using it. WOW!

This pic taken after I'm washing my face twice but not using any facial foam - ignore the pore and redness please
And this one taken after I'm washing my face with facial foam - ignore the big pore and redness please
I'm twice surprised with the result! I'm washing my face with water - I just like to washing my face after arrived home - and there's nothing happen with the line. When the eyebrow color, eye shadow color and everything gone, its still stay.

And then after washing it with facial foam, surprisingly that the line are stay still but fade a little bit. Wow, I think I can live with the big diameter for this amazing result ^^

I'm just removing the line using eye's and lips remover. It still need 3 times to fade it away actually. but after that the result is clean.

In summary,I can say a few things about this product

Pros :
1. Definitely stay on and waterproof and smudgeproof for a loong time.
2. The price is not really expensive. Its only IDR 119.000,- for 7ml (and when you have a IDR 100.000,- voucher,the price is only IDR 19.000,- )
3. Easy to use
4. The packaging is small enough so we can just put this on our bag.

Cons :
1. Need more than 1 minutes to 100% drying in order to get the best result (I think it should be about 2 or 3 minutes)
2. Diameter of the applicator is quite big,so it will lil bit difficult to create fine line.

In score,im  happy to announce that Elianto Stay On Liquid Eyeliner is 8 from 10 ^^

So..this is my surprising experience and review of Elianto Stay On Liquid Eyeliner...and how about you?

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