Review : False Eyelashes from Colourful Shop and RheaPunya Giveaway back in the early of 2014 with a review :)

As we know, at November 2013 Prisilla Gita Lesmana from Ms Rhea has thirdblogversary giveaway. Lucky me, I become one of the winner which got 10 beautiful false eyelashes from Colourful Shop. All of the eyelashes has different style, so lucky me I can make 10 different look and styles with the eyelashes ^^

First, lets see the box and false eyelashes itself..

There are 10 kind of eyelashes, some of them are really long and thick, some are medium and short.
When I take a look closer, I find that each strands are connected with clear strings and at each of its corner there are a few millimeters additional strings. I believe that the additional string on every corners are used to hold the eyelashes when we putting it to our eyes (well that's what i do ^^)

The eyelashes itself are light and comfortable when used. Im not really good in using eyelashes, but the additional string makes me possible to hold the lashes when im putting it to my eyes so the process are more easier. And when im wearing the lashes, its just very comfort and feel like nothing (compare with others, if i'm using an eyelashes I just feel something blocking my views).

Well, I'm not trying all the eyelashes (because it'll takes too looong time to use all of them, and I'm not too impatient to wait..I just want to show my new eyelashes !!) but then I'm picking 4 of them which I think represent the whole.

ignore the color of the string, its darker after i'm using it because of eyeshadow and eyelashes glue :D

This is the shortest eyelashes on the box. Its only about 5 cm long and not too heavy (tebal -  i dunno what its called in English). And because of that, I think this is the most natural eyelashes on the box. I can using it without eyeliner and still natural!

This is what its look alike when I put it in my eyes

the left pic : i'm not using any eyeliner on my eyes.
The right pic : im using eyeliner, but still natural look 
The second lashes I pick are longer than the first, but still not too heavy. I think it can be used daily too, but for a semi-formal occasion because we need more make up to balance she lashes look. But still it can produce natural appearance.

The third eyelashes i'm using is more heavier than the second one, but not more different length. It is suitable for more formal occasion, but still natural.

Then the last eyelashes I've picked, this is the heaviest and more length (only a few from the third actually ^^ #lebay) and if you love dolly look, this is the most suitable eyelashes you can used!
I'm not good enough to create a pretty dolly look on my face, so please focus on the lashes :D

Overall, I really love the eyelashes. The mixed up lashes just make us have more choice for every occasion and use. and the design just make me comfortable when wearing it. Its easy to use too, even the beginner!

You can buy the eyelashes here on Colourful Shop. And also, they sell softlenses too, and there are many variant of lenses, so you can get an eyelashes and a softlens just in time by one click to their web.

Thanks to stop by :)

7 comments on "Review : False Eyelashes from Colourful Shop and RheaPunya Giveaway"
  1. suka yg terakhir ce.. hihihi
    btw fotonya cantik cantik ce.. ♥hihihi..

    1. aku justru suka banget yang pertama..soalnya di mata ku yg sipit ini jadi ga kliatan kepanjangan...hehehe..

  2. Terakhir syuuuka banget kak, cantiik :*

    1. yang terakhir itu model2 dollish gt deh..cocoknya buat make up glamour - daaann itu fantastis banget pas gelap - itu pake esedo yg blacklight activated alias glow in the dark loh..hehehhe

  3. Aah iya, suka yang terakhir ama Yang kedua .. Yang kedua itu kaya Natural ya pas dipake ce ?? .....

    1. yup yg ke dua natural juga, cuma versi lebih panjang..cocok banget buat yg matanya gede, jadi makin nonjolin mata. kl di mata yang sipit agak kebanting sih mata nya..:D

  4. cantik2 fotonya ceee, makasi ya uda review... :* :*


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