Beauty Blender - Not Only A Sponge - It's a Beauty Perfection

Hi Ladies,

Have you ever felt imperfect when you are doing your own make up? I do. I always feel that my make up isn't good enough due to my skin condition. I have a large pores and dark spots on my face, and even when I use a lot foundation, it always seems imperfect to me. And do you know something? this "too much foundation" makes my make up look cakey. I always think - hey, why don't you just wear a mask?? (LOL)

A several q&a to couples beauty expert and little research that I'm done recently have lead me to a conclusion that  I should have an applicator called sponge. Sponges has very flexible shape so we can "just" press it (with foundation) onto our face. Sponges apply foundation better than brushes or even our fingers, thus the result is much more desirable. Okey, I got it ^^ 

Then, I'm curious what kind of brand that I should choose. There are 2 or 3 option, but then I decide to try Beauty Blender to solve my problem. 

Brushes for make up
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sponges for make up
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I once asking my self..."why should I choose Beauty Blender? Why not the others or a famous brush brand? "  Here is the answer I found:

Beauty Blender first invented by Rea Ann Silva - a top Hollywood make up artist. As a professional make up artist she know the key to a perfect and flawless make up - a perfect blend (source To make it real, it's not enough to use an ordinary sponge. And there was born Beauty Blender..(tadaaaa..^^)

Beauty Blender - easy to use, and reach every corner and angle of our face.
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Why Beauty Blender can make you a perfect blend just like a pro?  In spite of the price, Beauty Blender can 100% absorb your foundation - this is a plus point compared with other sponges. Then its elliptical shape can reach every corner and angle of our face such as under eye, nose and mouth - this is a plus point compared to brushes (i have use more than 1 brush to apply foundation - 1 for my cheek and forehead, and 1 for the corners and angles of my face). And of course its durability adds one more plus point..

Beauty Blender also a latex free, odor free and non allergenic. 

So, see why we should choose Beauty Blender rather than other applicator? ^^

Award Winner for 2011, 2008 and 2007
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Oh, and just for your information, Beauty Blender now can be reached via her Instagram @BeautyBlender_Indonesia (click here for the Instagram Link) or @beautyblenderID for twitter and here is the contact number for orders : 

Mail :
Ka Talk : beautyblenderID
Whatsapp : 081336377511

Stt..there's a promo discount 40% for Beauty Blender Instagram's first 1000 HURRY GET IT NOW!!!

I'm writing this blog-post in order to follow a New Year Writing Contest from Diary Of A Product Junkie and Beauty Blender Indonesia. For further information please visit Diary Of A Product Junkie.

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