Mega Collaboration Disney Villain Divas - Darkest Beauty of Maleficent


Im back with another collaboration..and this time is a huge collaboration because we're 14 pretty ladies who make a "very dark but still beautiful" look of Disney Villains. We called us "Disney Villain Divas" :)

Along with me, there are 14 Beauty Blogger who joining the make up collaboration. Who are they? Lets see

Cruella de Vil : Vindy (here)
Queen Grimhilde / Evil Queen : Ellen (here)
Lady Tremaine : Sanny (here)
Madame Mim : Nurina (here)
Madame Medusa : Riyanti (here)
Maleficent : Irene (Me!! :D)
Mother Gothel : Martalina (here)
Queen Narissa : Anisa (here)
Queen of Hearts : Anggie (here)
Ursula : Aldila (here)
Yzma : Dine (here)
Anastasia Tremaine : Gita (here)
Drizella Tremaine : Nila (here)
Marina del Rey : Mukti (here)


And Ladies, here "DISNEY VILLAIN DIVAS" ^^

Guess which villain I'm choose to recreate the look? 
Yess..that's right..I'm choosing Maleficent. I like green, and because of her face is greenish, so she's the 1st choice :)

This is Angelina Jolie's Maleficent version - no greenish on her face :D

Well, at the first, I'm lil bit confused how to make the Maleficent's horn. From most references, it's just a small horn and slightly look as devil's horn. But from the movie (Maleficent, released April 2014) i realize that it's much like wild ox's or bulls. 

Im not take pics of the process how to make the horn (and also the Maleficent's collar too!) - its a mess you know..but here's I write the step by step how to make the horn and collar.

~ HORN ~
I just need a Styrofoam, a paper, scissor, cutter, Styrofoam's glue and black tape. I make the pattern first on the paper than draw it on the Styrofoam. Make it six, then cut it. After that glued it, and each horn consist of 3 horn shaped-styrofoam. After that, just cover it with black tape. You can glued the horn with headband or your balaclava. 
Here's the result

~ Collar ~
First make the collar pattern on a paper - the pattern is depend on you of course ^^. I make "U" letter pattern. Cut it, then cover it with black tape or flannel (kain flanel - I'm not sure what we called it in english :D). That's all.

This is what its look like when Im wearing it :)

A day after, I'm working on my look :) here's the result before using the prop (and lipstick and false eyelashes too..:D)

then, here's the final result

and this is the final result after editing

special credit to Aldilla to for the frame ^^

special credit to Martalina Tesya for this great pic editing ^^
~ For this look im using Mehron Paradise AQ Basic Palette, Urban Decay Deluxe Box, NYX SMLC and Mizzu Eyeliner.

~ For this comfortable and beautiful eyelashes, I'm using Arden from Angel Lashes Premium Collection and U07 both from Angel Lashes (as I'm one of the giveaway winner at Angel Lashes Giveaway ^^)

~ For the stunning and big eyes look, Im using Ageha Lunatia Aquablue from Japan Softlens

Thanks for visit my blog, Ladies ^^

14 comments on "Mega Collaboration Disney Villain Divas - Darkest Beauty of Maleficent"
  1. sereeeeeem aneetttt cc >.< hahahaha <3

  2. salut lho ce sama perjuangan bikin tanduk setannya :*
    foto yg udah di edit keyen bingiiiitt, judes bgt XD

  3. ini nih keren banget. totalitas abezzzz. lopeh!

  4. keren! makeup sama kostumnya bener2 keren! >.<

  5. Serem... cetar membahenong tapi ttp cantik ce..♥♥

  6. hahahaa this gave me goosebumps! jahatnya berasa banget..

  7. suka bangeeeeeet aku sama maleficent yang iniiiii ceeeee~
    keren bangeeetttts~ :D the makeup, the costume, the props~ <3 <3 <3

  8. Cc tampak samping mirip sama angelina lhoooo.. beneran deh (^_^V *piissss dah..
    Saluut banget sama cc ngebuat propertinya..
    Benar2 love you full cc irene..
    Makeup ijo nya kereeen..

  9. kerennnnn makkkkk... face painting is the besttt.. itu tanduk jan kerenn bangett

  10. propertinya pooolll mak!!! prok prok prok salutte buat km

  11. ini lebih keren dari versinya angelina jolie >,< suka sm tanduknya, trus face paintingnya, lalu jubahnya... mantap!!!

  12. Hey I just nominated you in Liebster Award.
    Mind to follow each other?(:
    Im waiting for your post!


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