Collaboration Make Up : Disney Male Villain [[ SCAR ]]

Hola Ladies!

After a very long time, we're  finally completed the mission! ahahahhaha...well, this is one of hardest collaboration since its consist of 14 beauty blogger fellas, and some of them are busy with their own study and business. And this time, the theme is takes more effort (yes, because we're transform to a male villain!), so I can say Thank's God the mission accomplished!

Well, for you who doesn't know yet, last February we have this collaboration "Disney Villain Collaboration" and there are 14 beauty blogger who joined the project. You can read the post here. Me as Maleficent, the witch from Sleeping Beauty.

Then, as the sequel project, now we're present this...



Me, as Scar, the evil uncle of Simba, The Lion King. First, I think the transformation (or make up) will be easier than other because there are lot references and being an animal is more simple than become a man. But I am DEFINITELY WRONG! aaarggggghh.....

The most hardest part is how to make the expression - you know, somehow Scare have this expression - curling and insulting everyone. It is because when he have this expression, his nose will be crimped. And that is hard to copying it into a make up.

But, finally I'm finishing it, anyway. So lets take a look here **

How do you it SCAR enough? :D
Or monkey enough? -.- LOL
Thanks for coming dear! ROAAARRRRR!!!!

17 comments on "Collaboration Make Up : Disney Male Villain [[ SCAR ]]"
  1. kereen mak efek scar di matanya, keliatan deep... gak keliatan kayak ongki..masih keliatan scar kok.. bener deh

  2. Hahahhaa lucuk banget yang terakhir wkwkkw keren mak tapinyah :*

    1. tengkyuu nggiee...pelipur lara setelah jadi monyet :D

  3. Ya ampuuun, nyariin di banner mana nih mak irene, ga taunya yg jadi singa. Ampun deh keren banget. Ngakak pas liat gambar terakhir hahahah. Top!

  4. mirip kok ce sama si scar, tapi mirip juga sama foto yang bawah :p kereeeenn, lukanya keliatan real ce :D

    1. hihihihi..jadi ini singa atw monyet yaaak..hahahaa

  5. miriiip kok cc dengan singanya.. mungkin rambutnya kurang singa ya.. hihihihi..

    1. iya rambutnya ga kubikin kayak singa...bisa kusut seminggu tuh klo dibikin jadi kek singa ahahahaha

  6. keren mak... ga mirip monyet koq... :D

  7. Gila keren... Absolutely scar enough :)

  8. keren c.. hahaha.. foto bawah itu ada-ada aja.. wkwkwk

  9. Oh My God Oh My God Oh My God!!!! You're a real artist XD cuma bisa bilang itu doang terus2an pas nge scroll foto2nya ahahahha.. Uncle Scar! XD

    Sherry from ♕ SheemaSherry ♕ blog (

  10. Face paintingnya keren tauuu Ce Iren~ :3
    Hihihi, kalau menurut Ce Iren mirip kayak monkey, berarti ini Scar hybrid Ce! XD Li-Mon = Lion-Monkey
    Tapi tetep Scar kok Ce~ :D


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