Fantasy Make Up Look : Angelina Jolie's Maleficent

Hola Dearr :)

Owww...I feel so productive this last two weeks, because I write many blogpost and did some make up look since last week. Well, rarely posting my look here in my blog actually, because there's nothing I can write about the look. But still I posted it on my Instagram account @irene_unarso here, so if you wanna take a look, just click there :)

"Maleficent" is currently playing in Jakarta, and Maleficent fever are on every people I met. Some of them, of course, my beauty blogger fellas. And, of course, as a beauty blogger, they're also trying to re-create the look of Angelina Jolie's Maleficent.

No exception for me, I also got the fever :D and I'm wondering can I make the look as good as my friend's creation - or maybe, Jolie's Maleficent itself (yaelaaaah...) ahahha, I'm just kidding. There's no way I can recreate as good as her, anyway :D

I have made the Maleficient look about 4 months ago, on Disney Villain Collaboration with other beauty blogger. But I made the look based on the cartoon character version of Maleficent, not Jolie's version. Here's the look I've made 4 months ago. 

How to make the Maleficent's horn and collar are written on here. Not the best horn - and I realized that on the movie, the horn shape are more complex. But I did my best to make that :D

So, lets take a look on step-by step the make up process (I'm so sorry I always forget to take the pictures, so pictures below are only a few and taken when I remember to take picture)

The Before-After Picture

and here's, can you compare which one is better? the left one or the right one?
The most different part from the 1st and 2nd look of my maleficent is on the face. The past look, I'm using green all over my face. This time, I'm painting my face using white face painting. Oh, also the eyebrow. I'm using purple on my eyebrow on the newest look and a lil bit mixed and matched color between Jolie's version and cartoon version on the eyeshadow.

I'm also did a really "sharp" countouring in order to create a very high and sharp cheekbones just like Jolie's Maleficent.

Why? Well, Jolie is a beautiful Maleficent - with no doubt. And she just make an incredible and outstanding performance as Maleficent. And I am really sure there's other beautiful fellas there who re-create Jolie's Maleficent as pretty as Jolie. Then, if I wanna step ahead, I should dare and trying to be different *or in this case "very different".

So, here I am. A mixed and matched Maleficent. Let's take a look to other pictures I've taken ya :D

I've made this Maleficent look as my submission for #joancorner2014giveaway with theme "Maleficent". Follow @joancorner to see how :)

oke girls, that's all :) wish me luck !
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