Mortal Instrument Collaboration : The Downworlder


" We're Downworlder. We're live at The Downworld, chasing and hunting each other, hiding and running away from The Shadowhunters, and fighting with The Demons which escaping from their cages. We are vampire, warlock, werewolves and fairies, must fight for our life.

When we're arrested and accused a crime, The Silent Brother will come and investigating us. They will scrambling our mind and go deep through our happiest and saddest memory. Its painful..

And now, Lilith the Demon Mother, The Highest of All, is rise from her forever sleep. It means, The Demons  will chased and hunted us more and it's just for their fun. Or,  The Shadowhunter will suspect us, arrested us, and pushing us into a painful interrogation...

We should survive. Survive or Die...."

Hello Ladies.. after a very long time finally we're come back with a collaboration. A very fun and creative collaboration ever!

At this moment, we choose Mortal Instrument's Movie as our theme, and specifically The Downworlder, The Silent Brother and The Demon Queen. Have you ever read the book? The book is more fun than the movie in my opinion. And, there are lot of unique creature on the story, so that's challenge us to create the look of the creatures - just based on our creativeness and how we describe the creature's look.

So, here's the stars :)

And here's enjoy the look! 

Mortal Instruments Collaboration : The Downworlder
(Poster by Ellen The Vampire)
Im choosing myself as a warlock. More inspired by a witch actually, because on the book, the one and famous warlock is a male warlock called Magnus Bane (oh I almost forget Madam Dorothea, but actually I'm not really into her hehe..).

In my opinion, Warlock is a hybrid creature between demon and fairy, and they have their bad and good side, physically. So, I made my face half beauty side and half beast side. The beauty side is specifically has more effort on eye make up. It's smokey and glittery (because warlock love to party too, and they like glamour ^^) and with gold eyebrow and glitter eyelash :D

Then, for the half beast side, as usual im just using a wheat flour and water then mixing it with foundation. Sweep it on my face then pasted a shred of tissue. Retouch it with the flour-water-foundie mixing, then give them brown - black and red eye shadow (im using The Balm Nude Tude) to a scar skin look.

Cosmetics used are consist of :

1. Kryolan Foundation shade Ivory
2. BH Cosmetics Concealer
3. Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse Foundation (for scars)
4. Mehron Detailz Gold
5. The Balm Nude Tude shade Serious, Sleek, Sassy and Sexy
6. NYX Glitter Palette Ocean Breeze
7. L'oreal Black Buster Eyeliner
8. Wet and Wild False Eyelashes Bewitching
9. NYX Round Lipstick Penelope and Doll
10. Wheat flour and Tissue

Okaayy, now narcism time..:D *because when  I made this look  it takes for about 2 hrs, and I take a lot of pictures, so I should posted a lot too..LOL). It's not edited yet for the background.

So, here's edited version. I only edit the background to give"darker" touch

Enjoy our collab look, Ladies, and have a nice Pemilu!!!

17 comments on "Mortal Instrument Collaboration : The Downworlder"
  1. Kerenn cc...<3<3
    Paling demen foto yang buat banner.. hahah

    1. Urusan jutek, yah diriku ga perlu effort sih len :D

  2. uuuuuuughhh kerenn,,mamaakee ituuu yg wajah rusak atunya pake masker garnier apakah kaww gambarr

    1. Make tisu sm tepung makpin...habis ga punya wax atopun daging buatan..hihihi...impian banget tu punya gituan..

  3. ya ampun kakaaaa.... ra tego liat mukamu dicabik2...thumbs upppp kakaaaa

  4. Aduhhhh , hampir mual loh ngeliatnya tapi sumpaahhhh ini kereenn bangetttt .

  5. Keren bangetttt...bisa banget ya bikin scar nya jadi kayak beneran gitu...

    1. susah kok say..coba aja dirumah..dijamin ketagihan..:) cuma butuh tepung, foundie sama air ajahh..:D

  6. efek scarnya suka banget!!! keren!!

    1. hahahaha...kl make up jelek bisa laah..soalnya dasar mukanya mmg jelek :D

  7. duh cc! aku ga bisa bobo nih! kelonin aku! hahahaha (saking seremnya dan kerennya)

    1. wah jangan gt donk git...ntar besoknya jadi mata panda donk..hahahaha

  8. God Job Cee Irene!!! Terpampang nyata lukanya cee haahaa...
    Follback yaa cee xiixii


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