Quick Review : Geo Grang Grang Big Choco

Hi there!!

I got a couple soft-lenses in this month. Actually, 2 pairs of them comes from giveaway, then 2 others pairs are bought from a store, then 1 pair is for review purpose. So, in the next 2 or 3 post, probably im gonna review about contact lenses..:)

This Geo Grang Grang Big Coco is from Lilyana Lilo on her giveaway. There are 3 winners who can choose 2 kinds of soft-lenses, both from Geo. Mine is Geo Grang Grang Big Choco. You can read the complete post about the giveaway on her blog here

Soo..why I choose this? because the diameter is quiet big wit black ring in the outer side of lenses, and i do love "big diameter with rings" soft-lenses because it can make my eyes bigger.

The Geo brand itself, is a Korean Brand since 2008. Then goes worldwide in 2009 and now has a store world wide. Has many kinds of products such as Geo Mimi, Geo Flowers, Geo Grang Grang and Geo Anime.

This moment, quick review is only about Geo Grang Grang Big Choco

Specs : 

Diameter : 15mm
Life Span : 1 Year
Base Curve : 8.6
Power Available : -0.00 to -6.00 
Manufacturer : GEO Medical 
Origin : South Korea
Im good with this lenses. In fac, I have another pair from Geo. Its accidentally, when I bought a lenses, I got this Geo Lenses as a bonus. But Im satisfied with the lens, because its comfort enough and has a nice motif and color.
Im attaching my pics using this lenses now ^^

without lenses
My Eyes with Geo Grang Grang Big Choco

That's all folks!!
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