Once Upon A Time...Far Far Away In The Galactica - IBB November's MakeUp Challenge Feat Coverderm

Im back again with another look I've made last night. As we know, that Indonesian Beauty Blogger is usually hosting a make up challenge every months. This time, they have interesting theme for the MUC. Its a fantasy make up with theme "Once Upon A Time...". I like it sooo much!!

As you see on my post before, I've been submitted my look - its called Lilith : Mother of The Demons.You can find it here. Then i have another briliant idea (but sadly, not a really good skill to realize it..heheh) to make a Galactic Lady (nopee..you cant find this name anywhere, because its totally just in my imagination). What inspired me? hmm...you can say "the universe" LOL

This month challenge are sponsored by Coverderm. The prizes is worth to a million for two winner. OMG, i really wanted to try Coverderm, especially their classic concealing foundation!! My friends say, it last up to 8 hours without any retouch!! wow!!! I dont like a glowy look on my face, and the combination skin face of mine, make it immposible. I always retouch my make up when after one or two hours - depens on weather humidity and climate. That's why totally wanted the foundation!

Okeyy, back to the Galactic Lady. Im using my not-really-new face painting (because its already used), PAC and Viva. I also using some of my full color eyeliner - pink, turquoise and green. I also using my new false eyelashes, its a blue and glittery. hehehehhe

And, this is the result...tadaaaa...

a lil bit closer to see the details

some of the pics i've taken

For this Galactic Look, I should using properties with blue color. As for the eye, because I have natural color eye, so im using Ageha Lunatia Aqua Blue from Japan Softlens to completing the look. You can also read the review about Ageha Lunatia Aquablue here.. :)

There are 4 color varian for this Lunatia Series, such as brown, green and grey. Mine is aquablue.

Beside the Lunatia Series, you can also find another series from Ageha  by clicking the picture below

Wish me luck ^^
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