My Halloween Look Today : Funny Cat

Hellooooo :)

Im back again with my new make up style...this time is inspired by Halloween Timee!!!!!

Well, actually im not really knows about Halloween. Because in my country, there's no Halloween festival or something related. But I do like halloween, because this is the time when we can be anything! this moments, i decide to be a Funny Cat...:D whyyy?? I do like horror movie, but i think i'll be shocking when i see my face transform into something scary :D and the fact that my skill isn't enough yet to perform something scary just like zombie, chucky, witches etc. The last thing is, i thin cat is funny..not scary..right?? :D

Well lest see what kind of cat i have..:D

#i dont have any pics of progress that i made when i make this look. but shortly i'll write down the way to get this look. I'll take a pics of the steps later when i made new other look ;)

The stuff we need is only a few things, such as :
1. Foundation/Concealer with white color/fair and dark color (i use kryolan in ivory and BH Cosmetics concealer and camouflage palette) and your daily foundation as a base (optional)
2. Eyeliner (im using mizzu eyeliner - its a local brand whic has good quality and cheap price)
3. Red Lipstick
4. Lip concealer

The steps :
1. Use your daily foundation as a basic in your face, then use white color foundation in eyes area and mouth area.
2. Give a little bit dark color (i use dark brown) in your upper eye and nose.
3. Start to make cat eye using your eyeliner. You can make any style on your imagination!
4. On your eye brows, give a little white color, then dark brown and the last make a stright vertical line. This can make an illusion of fur.
5. Now, nose job :D give a red circle on your tip of nose. it must be smaller than your nose.give a black thin line from your nose to your mounth.
6. Then give a dark color on your upper lips. make a curved line use your eyeliner in every side of the upper lips. At the top of the curved line, give a red small spot.
at the bottom lips, using a lip concealer to make the same color with your skin
7. Use step 4 at the two side of your nose (just between the cheek and nose).
8. Now, you have a cat on your self !!!

Take a picture and send it to me, i do want to see yours!! :)
And here's mine :)


well, enjoying being a kitty cat :D

10 comments on "My Halloween Look Today : Funny Cat"
  1. keren parah!!! keren kerreneeeeeeeee

  2. keyeeenn.. cukkaaa..
    i'm your new follower ce ♡♡

    1. Makasiih ellen..^ ^ duuh km kok imut bgt yah..moga2 tar gedean anakku bs seimut km yaa ;D

  3. wow~ ini kucing banget~ :3

  4. sadis banget ini hasilnyaaa.. super sekali !! kereenn :D profesiona MUA yah ? :D

    done following yours. follow me back doonngg .. thankyou ^-^

    1. done folbek yah...aku baru aja jadi IBBers kok..baru bulan lalu..hihihi tengkyuu yaaa

  5. Kerenn bangett ..
    Aku follow yah..
    Mampir jg ke blog ku


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