My FOTD : Sexy Look Like a Supermodel :D

Im dreaming about being a model. Not a runway, but as a model in paper magazine and billboard. Its very proudest thing when we see our face in a billboard or magazines, which everyone can see it, anywhere.

But sadly thing is, im not as good as the model, and my way of life it's not ended as a model but a housewife (which Im very proud of being a housewife). But keep dreaming is possible, and now i'm gonna make it real - just in my blog :D _ but still proud hehehehe

last night im trying to make a look just like a model. Im not really good in making something like this, but im trying my best to make my face "camera friendly". And i thing, some supermodels need an editing on their pic also kaaann??

Im choosing "sexy look" as my style, because everyone has their own sexy look. Its general, but i believe that we can dig it up, even its buried deep down inside. Then now, im digging up my sexy look...:)

Check it out...:)


Thanks for coming :)

3 comments on "My FOTD : Sexy Look Like a Supermodel :D"
  1. Wowwwww mommy model... Kece sekaliiii... Ini matanya belokkkk...

    1. Ini pake softlens coklat yg 15mm itu san..agak terlihat gede. Tapi makeup nya sndri msh payah.blm jago psg bulmat bawah.penglihatannya jd kaya blur ketutupan bulmat-saking sipitnya..haha

  2. aku udah follow kamu ya ;)


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