Review : Face It Radiance Concealer Dual Veil from Face Shop

I'm not a big fan of Korean Cosmetics, actually. But when I see this concealer, I'm interested to trying it, based on my past experience when using a Korean brand concealer (I'm forget the brand's name). As we believe, that Korean brand's cosmetics and skincare are most suitable with our skin tone. That's why I dare myself to trying this concealer.

So, when Bunny Beaute Cosmetica  open Pre Order Korean Brand, I decided to choose a concealer from The Face Shop. It is called Face It Radiance Concealer Dual Veil. There are 3 choices of shade, NB17, NB21 and NB23. I choose NB21 as it is the safest shade, not too light or dark.

Lets take a look closely with the product!

cardbox color is brown, simple but elegant. There are direction of use and caution at one side of the cardbox and ingredients at other side
Liquid concealer are perfect for large area  but minor imperfection and/or discoloration
Stick concealer is perfect for dark spots and complete covering of visible pigmentation
And then, lets see swatches of both liquid or stick concealer

Its blend easily to my skin both of them! I can say that the stick concealer are more easy to blend because it's right same color with my skin. But after I flattening the color, I also got right same color with my skin.
I have some dark spot because of pimple on my cheek and my chin. Lets see how they cover it.

See my result? They covering my dark spot and pimples! I'm just using the concealer directly to my skin without any primer, foundation or bb cream at all (I'm doing it only this time, I swear :D) Can you imagine how they cover my face perfectly if I'm using primer and bb cream or foundation?

Well, in my opinion, here is my summary of Face It Radiance Concealer Dual Veil from The Face Shop

1. Blend easily with skin
2. Coverage are good. I like to use both of them!
3. Simple packaging and small enough to bring it on our handbag
4. A lil bit pricey. The price are vary from IDR 140.000m- to 180.000,-. But I got two kind of concealer which is last for more than 100x using :D

Thank you for reading my post :)
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