Review : The Newest from The Balm "How 'Bout Them Apples?"

Since I found this new palette when I open the web at here I accidentally falling in love with them. What makes me fallin' is the design of the packaging of its product. Everybody know that The Balm always make their product with vintage design, such as Nude 'Tude, The Balm Jovi etc. 

The apples consist of 6 color of Lip and Cheek cream palette. The colors are vary from nude to red (just like an apple, I say :D). Every color can be used as lipstick or blush on. You can mix and match it as you want.

I found this product at my dearest olshop Bunny Beaute Cosmetica. And when I see this on her timeline, I sent her a message to buy this product, as soon as possible!

Here's what I got :D

They're arrived!!
very big mirror attached so I can see my whole face!!
Lets see the swatchess..

from top : cobbler, crisp, caramel, cider, pie and candy
sorry miring :D
Texture are creamy and easy to blend. Its soft and not make my lip dry. I just need a swatch to get the color I wanted. and this vary of colors make me easy to pick which color match with my make up. 

Lets see how they make my cheek and lip prettier :)






See why I love them so much?? ^^

The Balm How 'Bout Them Apples retails for $32 at their website at Take yours!

4 comments on "Review : The Newest from The Balm "How 'Bout Them Apples?""
  1. waaa warnanya cantik-cantik ya ci >.<

  2. Warnanya cantik semuaaa cc♥♥♥
    Packagingnya lucuu... cute.. (^3^)(^3^)

  3. kece semua ci warnanya xD
    wearable bgt ya buat dipake sehari - hari. dan pekejingnya itu lhoo.. duhh.. <3 <3 <3

  4. warnanya soft ya aa Cee.. Love it!!! nice sharing Ceecee ^_^


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