Hunger Games : Catching Fire - Panem's District IBB Mega Collaboration

Hi ^^ 

Im back again with my FIRST collaboration make up look!!! soo excited with the collaboration, because this is my first time collab, with 11 best and famous bloggers ever at IBB. How proud I am!! ^^

This time, we choose Hunger Games Themes. As we know, that Hunger Games 2 : Catching Fire movie just released a month before. The story about how Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Meelark fight again in Quartell Quell just after the Victory Tour has been done and they decided to get married.

The Quarter Quell itself, is to celebrate the 75th Hunger Games at Panem. Special for this year, the tributes are came from the past winner. Means, Katniss is definitely join the killing game anymore with other 22 past Hunger Games Winner. Of course its very difficult, because they're all winner!!

#I read all the three books, so that's why I know much about the Hunger Games!!! - I never watching the Hunger Games 2 : Catching Fire, actually..

Thats all about the Hunger Games. Now about the COLLABORATION..^^

Because Panem are consist of 12 district, so there are 11 other bloggers who join this collab, represent the main produce of their district. Who's they are?

Sanny from District 1 : Luxury at here
Nila from District 2 : Masonry at here
Iva from District 3 : Technology at here
Mukti from District 4 : Fishing at here
Ellen from District 5 : Power at here
Vindy from District 6 : Transportation at here
Gita from District 7 : Lumber at here
Reezki from District 8 : Textiles at here
Devy from District 9 : Grain at here
Riri from District 10 : Livestock at here
Irene from District 11 : Agriculture at here
Ayes from District 12 : Mining at here

this is my identification pass. Im a sorter!! :D
Im choosing Agriculture as my district, because I really like Rue character on the first movie Hunger Games. Rue is just 13 years old or around, and killed by one of the tributes in the games. this really breaking Katniss hearts, because she loves Rue so much.

District 11 has main produce of agriculture. They supplies wheat, corn and cotton and another agriculture product to Panem, but sadly they don't have enough food for their own. The paeacekeeper aren't friendly enough there (that's what Rue's said).

Im cross reference the look of my district with make up look of Demeter, Goddes of Harvest and Agriculture, because I don't have any idea how to make the look :D ..but thanks God the result is acceptable enough ^^

So this is my look :)

the detail on my center of head is corn - just like the district symbol. is it look alike?

after edit background
For this agriculture look, im using :
1. PAC Face Painting
2. Mizzu eyeliner, Dolly Wink Eyeliner for the tail and Maybelline Hyper Sharp Eyeliner Pink
3. Coastal Scent 88 Original Eyeshadow Palette

Special effect on the eye, im using Ageha Lunatia Aquablue from Japan Softlens :) I really love this softlens because the color is bright and alive (you can see my review here)

Oke, that's all..^^ see you on my next post :)

"Happy Hunger Games. May the odds be ever your favor" - Caesar Flickerman (host of the games)
6 comments on "Hunger Games : Catching Fire - Panem's District IBB Mega Collaboration "
  1. mamire... hiaaasankuu dimata kan niru kamu iniii lo =))

  2. Kerenn ce!!! <3 Mnt jagungnya ajahh aku c.. wwkwkkw

  3. Aduh ampun deh ce irene total bangeeeeeeeet *_* keren ce, kepikiran sampe hiasan rambutnya itu loh <3 senengnyaaa bisa collab sama cc, oya c, folback gfc aku dong ceee :D hihi

  4. sumpahh, niat amat makkk, sungguh ~~~ :D


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