Dr Jart+ Most Moist Water Sure Gel - Oil Free Gel Cream

Last week, I'm going to Lotte Shopping Avenue to pick my giveaway from Dr Jart and Lotte Shopping Avenue. As promoted before, Lotte Shopping Avenue and Dr Jart gives away to 75 winner 3 kinds of their skincare, and I got this Dr Jart Most Moist Water Sure Gel. 

As the beauty consultant said, our face need more water content to make it more brighten and soft. Some people born with enough water content on his/her face, but not with some other else. The consultant said, you can tested your face skin by comparing with your upper arm skin. It it's feel like same, then you have enough water content on your face. But if isn't, then you need to improve the water content on your face. 

The Dr Jarts Most Moist Water Sure Gel is about Rp 450.000,-/50ml. Its pricey enough for me :D

Here the picture I've taken shortly after take the gift from Dr Jart Counter #narsismodeon :D

#not at Dr Jart's counter, its at XL Center Lotte Shopping Avenue :D

After home, I decided to try the water sure gel soon. Its because some friend said that the brand of Dr Jart is well known and the product is great. Just to fulfill my curiosity, actually...:)

First, this is the packaging of Dr Jart water sure gel. Its exclusive with silver-greenish color. Some said written in Korean language, but another side written in English. This is good, because some of Korean brand only write in Korean language, so I always face difficulties to read the direction.

The explanation on the box said that the formula is free from 4 additive system (paraben,mineral oil, artificial flavoring agents and tar color). So its really natural! 
The ingredient are :
Fructan => to keep ours skin moist
Olive Leaf => strengthen skin
Adansonia Digitata Seed => to make shiny skin
Sophora Jadonica Flower => cure skin dryness
Cranberry => skin elasticity
Equisetum Arvense Extract => soothes skin problem
Lactobacillus Peptide =>act as natural preservatives
Hyaluronic Acid => moisture delivery into the skin

Its also said that when we use the products, it can makes face contour firm. elasticity can be felt and allowing for refreshing sensation. Lets see when its used soon!

First, the jar. The jar itself is made from solid thick glass but inside made from plastic with green color. Exclusive and a little bit heavy, but it's not a big deal, I think.
Teksture of the gel is thick and soft. Its also mild, when you dab it. The smell is soft and non-perfumed. When you swatch in your skin, it's feels like a water on your face. You'll get a cool sensation on your face when you use the gel. Just like the box said "refreshing sensation" - this is 100% true!!
Once more, don't worry about sticky like an other gels. Its absorbed easily into your skin in a few seconds!

This is what happen when i swatch it in my hand

If im not mistaken, there's no different that can be seen right? but if you see it more carefully, the different is seen, that the part of the skin which swatches with the water-sure gel is more damp with a little bit shine.

Then lets see when it swatch on my face (hope that the result will more visible..:D)
Lets see what happen on my skin. The right one is after im using water-sure gel (im so sorry, my skin isn't in a good condition enough-too much dark spot and big pores). 
You can see here, that the skin brighten than before using the water-sure gel. And then, the refreshing sensation following with firmer skin sensation. Another plus is your skin feels moist and smooth after a few times using the product. 

Im just using the water-sure gel for only  few days, but i like the effect after using the product. Alongside with the Dr Jart Most Moist Water Sure Gel, I bought a pore reducer mask too from Dr Jart. I hope two of them will work maximal on my face.

Pros :
free from 4 additive system
- lot of good ingredients skin needed
- exclusive packaging
- the result is visible (especially for moist and smooth and refreshing feel)

Cons :
- Pricey

Well that's all my opinion. I'm gonna updated soon after maybe 2-3 weeks from now. You can see what happen on my skin :)

Thanks for coming!!
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