Bollywood Inspired Make Up - Inspiration For E Club Party ^ ^


As an opening, let me explain that im was re-sign from my current job as a banker at last Februari 2013. Im decided to be a full mother raising my two adorable kids by myself. Some other offer came by, but I think im still Kids come first.

Oke, when im a banker, there a celebration every 6 month to celebrate the excellent achiever. Its starting at 2009 untul now, and Thanks God that i always be the part of the party :)

This is my look on the past E Club (i just have two of them, because the other one - Indonesian Heroes Theme - i lost the picture becaouse my memory card is broken). The theme is Wild Wild West (2011) and Arabian Night (2010)

Then today, they celebrate the E Club Party again. Heheheh, how i missed this fun time!!

But wait..!!
maybe i cant join the party, but I can make my own party!!
So I decided to make a Bollywood Inspired Make Up, so i can feel the party too..hahahaha...

If my friend at my ex office read this, I hope they can inspired how to make the look..

Soo..check this out!

The Indian make up mostly concentrated with eyes. so im trying to do "eye job" eventough my eyes are small and monolid. Thanks to eyeliner and false eyelashes my eyes are bit bigger :D

In this look im using :
1. Illamasqua Brush Powder Tremble
2. Urban Decay Deluxe Box and Wallpaper
3. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Amsterdam
4. Mizzu Eyeliner and Dolly wink for the tail
5. Shiseido Brow Pencil
6. Revlon Primer Correcting
7. Covergirl Outlast Foundation
8. BH Concealer and Camouflage Palette
9. Marcks Powder
10. Princess False Eyelash

That's all Ladies :) enjoying it!!

Thanks for coming :)
6 comments on "Bollywood Inspired Make Up - Inspiration For E Club Party ^ ^"
  1. Wiiiih, make upnya kereeeen... Hehe.. Seneng sama pilihan warna eyeshadownya..cantik bgt.:-)

    1. Tengkyuu tengkyu..warna esedonya pas kebetulan mmg nyala sih..hihi..

  2. Waaah.. Kakak mah sudah profesional banget nih.. Ajarin donk kak :)

    Salam kenal kk :)

    1. Heheh..msh pemula kok...ngeblog jg br sebulan..^ ^ bljr sama2 yuk sm senior2 ibb nih...
      Salam kenal jg dine...

  3. OHmyyyy cantikk bangettt kakaaaakkk ♥

    1. Biasaa lah tuh yg cantik.aku suka liat foto2 km nih...^ ^


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