Im Coming From The Forest...Im Dryad

Hello Ladies ^ ^

Comeback with another make up this time im trying to be Dryad...:)
Dryad is a tree nymph or tree spirit who take care the trees, bush and plant from drought and keep them lush. They comes from Greek Mythology and since I read about Percy Jackson, Im wondering what if im a nymph, or dryad, or other spirit in Greek Mythology.
Another name of dryad is bowtruckle (Harry Potter), and shown  fight alongside Aslan in Narnia also.

Well, anyway..originally dryad is supposed to be green skin, green hair and green eyes..then she should have a sexy body with leaves-made dress...but im am very sorry to destroy your thought about this very greenish sexy dryad and changed it to be like this LOL

This is the pic of the dryads

Look, she is very sexy and green....!!

And this is another version of dryads by me ^ ^

Leaves in my eyebrow and flower in my lips :D this is not very neat and fantastic after all, but i hope can inspire you to make another version of dryad, or just entertaining you (when you thin that this is funny..heheheh)

Thanks for for your coming :)
2 comments on "Im Coming From The Forest...Im Dryad"
  1. Dandan ala mermaid dunk say <3
    Yuk mampir and follback blog saya <3
    - -

  2. Mommy irene...
    sukaa makeup inii... <3
    lucuu bgt... :D


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